Portfolio Management & Investment Reporting

Fee-only portfolio management services using a core-satellite approach and customized to reflect a well-diversified asset allocation based on a client’s risk profile.   We focus on post tax, risk adjusted results.

  • Portfolio management using customized investment strategies suited to a client’s investment profile including periodic rebalancing
  • Construction of appropriate composites and benchmarks for optimal asset allocation
  • Cash flow planning and analysis allocation process
  • Periodic conference calls and quarterly portfolio reporting

As firm believers of asset allocation and diversification, we utilize a multi-asset approach to investing that combines global asset allocation, core-satellite strategy, risk mitigation using options strategies and dynamic portfolio management. Next Horizon takes a globally diversified approach to building portfolios and managing risk. We employ timely research and global capital market insights to allocate assets across a broad universe, encompassing a mix of equity, exchange trade funds, open and closed end mutual funds, fixed income and alternative investments as appropriate.