Retirement Planning

“The trouble with retirement is that you never get a day off.”
    -  Abe Lemons

For most hard working folks, “retirement” brings the joy of finally being able to enjoy life, travel or play golf and at the same time it brings the fear of outliving savings. Being able to retire comfortably is really about achieving financial independence. It’s about being able live life on your own terms.

At Next Horizon, we believe that planning for retirement is a lifelong process. You build your retirement nest egg through disciplined savings coupled with smart investing and taking advantage of tax deferred compounding.

Whether you are 7 years from retiring or 30 years, your everyday decisions will impact the quality of your retirement years. Do you know how much retirement assets you need to accumulate for a comfortable retirement? And if you have successfully built your retirement assets in excess of your foreseeable needs during the retirement years, how do you maximize your legacy by leaving them to your loved ones or to a favorite charity?  These are some of the common questions our clients raise during our conversations.

Whether you’re just starting your career, just a few years away from retirement or are already retired, we are here to help you with the retirement planning services you need to navigate the retirement planning process.


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